Setting organization roles

Organization member access to Flow can be set at the organization, team, and project level.

When you invite teammates to Flow, you can set their role within the organization, which differs somewhat from team roles.

Organization roles allow or restrict certain user permissions at the organization level, which sit above the team level in Flow’s hierarchy.

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Users default to General organization members, but you also have the option to “Limit their account” in the *Add Members* dialog and on the People page, as well as "Change to Organization Admin" on the People & Teams page.

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You can change organization roles on the People page by clicking an avatar to open the user pane on the right. Under their email address and team membership details, Admins will see the option to “Change to organization Admin,” “Change to Guest” or “Remove from organization.”

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You can see who has what role on the people page; admins will have a small “Admin” banner above their avatar, general members will have no banner, and Guests will have a “Guest” badge above their avatar.

Here is a breakdown of what permissions each organization role comes equipped with:


Organization admins can pretty much do it all. They can leave or delete any organization they create, add/remove organization members, as well as update organization members’ roles. They can join all teams created for the organization, including locked teams, and have the ability to add/remove/update users in those teams. Admins are uniquely allowed to update subscription and billing information.


Members have fewer permissions at the organization level. They can, however, be given permission to invite new organization members. They have automatic access to public teams and cannot join locked teams unless invited. They do not have access to billing/subscription info. They do not have a label on the People page, like Admins and Guests.


Organization guests do not have permission to add users or change anything on the organization or team levels. They can only see those teams that they have been specifically invited to.

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