Project timelines calendar

Once you’ve added a timeline to your project, you can view it on several different project calendars to get a quick overview of where one project sits in relation to other projects and where your team should be directing its energy.

The Project Timelines views will show you all your projects with start and end dates. It's a great place to go to when you're trying to determine when work can start on a new project and how work is progressing on an existing project. Read on to learn more about what you can do in this view.
FYI: The Project Timelines Calendar is available as part of our Pro plan. To learn more about what each of our plans include, check out our help doc here

To view the project timelines calendar, click “Timelines” in the navigation bar.

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Calendar View

If you’re using the Standard version of Flow you’ll have access to the “Calendar” view under Project Timelines. This will allow you to see your projects with set timelines on one daily calendar view; you can see past or future dates by scrolling up or down. If you’ve added a colour to the project, it will be represented in the colour of the timeline itself (projects without colours added will show as grey—learn how to add a colour here). The project name will appear in a bubble over the timeline, as will the status indicator, which shows how many tasks have been completed vs how many are left. You can also tell if the project is ahead or behind schedule by the colour of the indicator—green means on schedule, orange means behind schedule and red means overdue. A full green indicator with a check mark inside means the project has been completed.

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Hover over any timeline to see additional project info, like how many tasks have been completed, how many remain open, and who they’re assigned to (for quick follow-up.)

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Click the name of the project and a pane will open on the right side of the screen showing you your project and the tasks within it.

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You can quickly make changes to the project timeline (either the start or end date) by dragging and dropping the end to the correct date cell. Please note that if you've chosen to exclude weekends from your timeline, it will skip over the weekend date cells and continue on the next week.

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Finally you can filter out teams in the “Teams” dropdown, so you only see projects from within a particular team. Just click the checkbox next to the Team name to select or deselect it.

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Weeks / Months (Everything plan feature)

If your team has an Everything subscription, you’ll also have access to two additional views in Project Timelines: the Weeks calendar view and the Months calendar view. These give your team even higher level views of your team’s scheduled projects and allow you to more easily plan for future projects and make quick adjustments as ship dates change.

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The Weeks calendar allows you to scroll left and right to see a weekly view of your projects and up and down to see other projects. In this and the Months calendar the projects are sorted by team on the left-hand side of the calendar and include a status indicator and start and end date information. Check the top of the calendar to see what weeks you’re currently viewing and scroll left or right to see past or future weeks.

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Hover over the status indicator in the sidebar to see more information, like how many tasks remain open.

The Months calendar functions in the exact same way, but from a higher level. Scroll to the left or right to change the month parameters you’re seeing.

Project Timelines Calendar 9 1

As with the Weeks view, your projects will be sorted by team in the sidebar on the left. You can check their status by hovering over the status indicator and can quickly reorder your projects by selecting the icon to the left of the project name and dragging and dropping into position.

Project Timelines Calendar 10 1

Like the Calendar view, you can filter out teams on the calendar by clicking the “Teams” link at the top of the view and clicking the check box to select or deselect teams. You can also quickly change the start or end date of a project by dragging the end or beginning of the timeline on the calendar.

Tip: You can also click the date range under the project name in the sidebar to change the start and end date in the timeline popover.

Click the timeline in the Weeks or Months calendar to be redirected to the project’s “Schedule” view (also a Pro feature). This is a daily project calendar that shows you what tasks are due when and sorts them by assignee in the sidebar. You can navigate to past and future dates by scrolling left and right.

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