Switching teams

It's easy to jump between teams in Flow. Whether in Projects or Timelines, viewing a specific team (or multiple teams) is just a click away.

If you own or are a member of multiple teams, you’ll need to jump between them from time to time. In the Projects tab you can view all projects within a specific team by clicking the "All Teams" link and then selecting a team to view. If you have a few teams that you spend most of your time in and want an easy way to access them, click the star next to their names to add them to the sub-navigation at the top of your Project dashboard. To switch between them, just click the team name.

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You can also switch into different teams in the Timelines view. To see projects from one or more particular teams click the "All Teams" link to see a full list of your teams in the dropdown. From here, you can select and deselect teams to see only projects in your calendar/timelines from a particular team.

FYI: Project Timelines are available as part of our Pro plan. To learn more about what each of our plans include, check out our help doc here

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