Linking projects

Need a quick way to jump into a project? Paste a project link in a task or project note for easy access.

Work in one project often affects or ties into the work being done in another, so it makes sense to have a way to quickly jump between them without too much clicking. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to copy and paste a project link in a task, project note, or anywhere else accessible.

To get started, open your project in Flow. Once open, click the link icon on the top right side of the project view/pane.

Linking Projects New 1

Once clicked, a popover containing the unique URL for this project will appear. When it does, copy the link either by right clicking on the URL and selecting “Copy” or hit Command/Ctrl - Con your keyboard.

Linking Projects New 3

Once copied, you can paste the link wherever will be most useful. For example, you could paste the link to a “Product update” project in a “Product Update Campaign” project note or task so that the marketing team could reference what features are changing, see how the project is progressing and plan the campaign around its release.

When the link is pasted, the URL will transform into the name of the project so you and your teammates can easily see where the link takes you.

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