Favouriting projects

Favouriting provides helpful shortcuts to the projects that you spend the most time in.

If you have a few projects where you spend the majority of your time, a good way to make sure you always have them at your fingertips is to favourite them.

To do so, click “Projects” in the navigation bar and then select the project you want to favourite. In the project view next to the project name, you’ll see a star icon; click this to favourite.

Tip: You can also favourite a project right from the dashboard by clicking the star icon that appears when you hover over the project name

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Once you do, the icon will highlight and the project will move to the top of your sidebar (if open). To open the sidebar, click the sidebar icon to the left of the Team sub-navigation.

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Favourited projects are also added at the top of the Recent Projects and Favourites popover. To access this, just hover over the “Projects” tab in the navigation bar.

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Finally, favouriting also comes with a filtering capability. If you only want to see those projects that you’ve favourited on the Project Dashboard or on the Project Timeline, just the star icon in the filter bar. The project will instantly show you only projects that have been favourited. To see all projects again, just click the star icon once more.

FYI: Project Timelines are available as part of our Pro plan. To learn more about what each of our plans include, check out our help doc here

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