Project schedule

The project schedule is a dedicated project calendar that allows you to see all your project's scheduled tasks in one place.

The schedule view in your project is a Pro feature that lets you see all your scheduled tasks on project-specific weekly calendar. It cuts the clutter of the traditional calendar and allows you to see only what you need to without filtering.

FYI: Project Schedules are available as part of our Pro plan. To learn more about what each of our plans include, check out our help doc here

First, make sure you're in the projects tab. You can access it by clicking "Projects" in the navigation bar.

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Then click on the project that you want to view on the Project Dashboard.

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Once you're viewing your project, click the "Schedule" link next to "Tasks" in the project header.

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The schedule offers two ways to view your tasks: the Days view and the Weeks view.

The Days view gives you a more zoomed-in perspective where tasks appear in the date cells (or across date cells if they have both a start and end date) with high level details. You can choose to sort this view Manually or By Owner to see the tasks organized under their different assignees by clicking "Sort by" at the top of the calendar.

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The Weeks view places more emphasis on deadlines and zooms out to show you a greater span of time on the calendar and fewer task details on the due dates. It's a better view if your tasks span over more than a week. If the task is complete and you have "Clear Completed Tasks Manually" enabled in your Team settings, a checkmark will precede the task name. To access the full name of a task, just hover over the task on the calendar or click the task to open the task pane will open on the right.

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You can choose to sort the Weeks sidebar by owner (the person assigned to complete the task) or manually, which will allow you to reorder the tasks in a way that makes sense for you. To switch the sort option just click the v next to "Sort by" at the top of the sidebar. Sorting by owner will show the task names sorted below the assignee—if you click a date cell in an assignee's section the task will be automatically assigned to them.

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You can reassign tasks by dragging them from one assignee's row to another's.You can also quickly change the due dates of tasks by dragging and dropping them into a different date cell. If you want to do this for a date outside of the week you're viewing, just drag the task to the edge of the timeline and hold it there; an arrow indicator will appear and the timeline will jump to the next week. To continue moving forward or backward just hold the task on the edge until you get to the week you want, then drop the task on the appropriate date cell.

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If you've set a start and end date for your project, you'll see it subtly highlighted at the top of the timeline across the set dates.

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