Setting default project views

Some organizations want to see their tasks arranged in a list, other organizations benefit from seeing their tasks move through a process or timeline. Luckily, both options are available in Flow.

Not every organization works in the same way. Some organizations want to see their tasks arranged in a list so they can work through them from top to bottom. Other organizations benefit from seeing their tasks move through a process or timeline so they can assess how much progress is being made and what milestones are, or are not, being met. Both options are available in Flow.

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The list view allows you to view and organize your sections and tasks vertically, while Kanban boards sorts your tasks by sections in a horizontal timeline. To toggle between them, just click the corresponding icon next to Sort By on the top right side of the project view. Once a view is selected, Flow will save their personal preference for the next time they open the project.

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Setting a default view for new projects

When creating a new project, you have the option to set a default view so that anyone who accesses the project will see either the list or Kanban view when they see open the project for the first time. To get started, click the + next to “Projects” in the sidebar and select “New Project". After you name your project, simply choose your preferred default view.

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Setting a default view on existing projects

You can also set a default view on existing projects. To do so, open the project and click the "..." in the top right corner. Once the popover opens, select “Change Default View.”

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Next, select either “List” or “Kanban” from the popover. When the default is selected a check will appear next to it. The change will be applied immediately.

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Please note: in existing projects, setting the default view will only affect users who have not yet viewed the project. For those members who have accessed the project previously, Flow will continue to remember their last-used view.

Setting up default sections

If your team needs a simple, pre-built process that allows you to track the progress of a task, you can choose to add default sections while creating a new project. These sections include  To doIn ProgressNeeds Review and Done. To add these to a new project, just ensure that the "Create Default Sections" option is checked on the first page of the "New Project" dialog.

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Once the project has been created, the sections will load in automatically. If manual task clearing is enabled in your team, any task that is completed in project with default sections will automatically be moved to the Done section so you can quickly differentiate between active and completed tasks (and can also chart your team's progress.) You can learn more about this and how to set up a Done section in other projects here.

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