Grouping projects together

Categorize or collect your projects so that you can keep your organization's high-level activities organized.

Grouping projects together helps keep your project dashboard organized, easy to navigate and ensures that related projects are within reach of each other. Groups are shared across teams, so your departments will always see the same thing.

You can create groups in a couple of different ways in Flow. The first is to navigate to the project dashboard by clicking “Projects” in the navigation bar.

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Once on the dashboard find the “Create a New Group” field. If you haven’t created a new group in this team it should be right in front of you. If you or others have created groups before, you may have to scroll to the right to see it.

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Now simply type the name of the group and hit  Enter to save. We generally recommend a short but descriptive name that will easily clarify what the projects inside relate to. For example, any project relating to the creation of marketing campaigns might be contained within a Marketing Campaigns group, or all the projects relating to a particular client could be listed under a group with that client’s name as the title.

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You can also quickly create a group by clicking the '+' button in the bottom left corner of any screen in Flow. Then select "+ Group".

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This will open a window where you can name your group and select projects to add to it if you want. Once you're done, select "Create Group."

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Once you’ve created the group, you can either create new projects in it by clicking the ‘+’ icon below it or by clicking ‘…’ and selecting “New Project.”

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You can also drag and drop existing projects into the group from another group or from the “Ungrouped” section.

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Any project that hasn’t been specifically added to a group can be found in the “Ungrouped” section. If you have a lot of ungrouped projects and want to track it down quickly, just type the name of the project or a keyword in its name into the filter bar and hit  Enter.

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