Favouriting tasks

This Pro feature allows you to create shortcuts to your teammates’ task pages so you can quickly catch up with what they’re working on right from your own tasks view.

If you’re a manager or oversee the work of other people during your day, it’s helpful to have an easy way to check in on them. Task profiles in Flow make this super simple and with the option to favourite ones that you routinely view, you can create quick shortcuts to save yourself even more time.

First, jump into the tasks tab by clicking Tasks in the navigation bar.

Favouriting Task Profiles New 1 1

Then click “More Tasks” in the sub-navigation and scroll down to the list of team members.

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Click on a name in the dropdown to be taken to that user’s task page. You’ll see all public tasks assigned to them and any private tasks that you’re subscribed to under “Private tasks.”

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To go that extra mile and create a short cut to this users page click the “More Tasks” dropdown again (if you’re viewing a person’s page or a favourites view like “Subscribed”, More Tasks will be replaced with the page’s name) and click the star next to the user’s name.

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Once the user is starred, their name will appear in the sub-navigation at the top of the Tasks view. So any time you need to view their tasks, you can quickly click the link and their tasks page will open.

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