Adding, removing, and searching tags

Tags have many potential uses in Flow, and every team uses them in a slightly different way. Whether you want to indicate the priority level of a task, link similar tasks by their category or show what quarter specific tasks were completed in, tags will help!

To group similar tasks together by category or level of priority, you can add tags. Tags are completely customizable - you can start with tags like #high and #low or any system of priority that makes sense for you and your team. You could add category tags like #accounting and #q4 to make searching for past and current tasks quick and easy.

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Tags are displayed alongside the task title in both the task pane and in the project view.

Adding Tags

Add the bottom of the task pane there is a “Tags” field. Here you can add tags to help organize your tasks or projects. Click the field, type the name of the tag— in our example we’ve used high to indicate the priority level— and then hit Enter. You can add multiple tags to every task and can edit them any time.

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From quick task, you can add tags by hitting tab on your keyboard until the tag popover opens.

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Tip: If you create tasks while filtering a project by a specific tag, all new tasks will automatically have the high tag applied. This is useful if you need to add several tasks at once that all need to be similarly categorized or prioritized.

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Deleting Tags from Tasks

Removing tags from your tasks is a quick and easy process. Just open the task in question, click the Edit button in the top right, and then click the X on any tag you’d like removed. Click the green Save button to apply your changes. Once you do that task will no longer appear when you filter by or search that tag.

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Searching Tags

Once you have them added to tasks, you can use the filter bar to search whichever tag you want to focus on in a particular project or view.

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You can also use Flow's global search function to search the team you're currently in.

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Just enter the name of the tag and click the result with the tag icon preceding it in the search dropdown. This will show you a list of the tasks with that tag across the team.

Fully Removing a Tag

Whether it’s to remedy a typo or retire a categorization, you might need to completely remove a tag at some point. To do this, first search the tag you want to remove in the global search bar.

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This will bring up any open tasks with that filter attached. You then just follow the steps for removing a tag above; click the X beside the tag in each task, and save.

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This will remove the tag from showing in the global search, but won’t remove it from previously completed tasks.

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