Repeating tasks

If you have a recurring task that you need to set a reminder for, Flow can help. Choose the frequency and number of repetitions, and you're good to go.

Repeating tasks take the work out of tasks that you need to complete daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually. When you complete an occurrence of your task (or if it becomes overdue), the next occurrence will automatically populate in your project. To create a new repeating task, click the "Repeat" link on the right side of the "Due Date" field in your task pane. If you've already created your task and want to convert it to a repeating task, just click "Edit" in the top right corner of the task pane and then the "Repeat" link will appear in the due date field.

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The Repeat task menu contains shortcuts to set your task to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or annually from the creation date. First enter how often you want the task to repeat. For tasks with an expiry date, you can choose when you want the task to stop repeating as well. In the “End” section, you can choose when you want the repeating task to end, after a certain number of times or on a certain date. Select "Never" to leave the task open ended. For tasks that repeat weekly, you can choose multiple days of a week at a time and also have the task appear on staggered weeks. Just enter a number in "Every [ ] weeks". When you're finished, click the "Save" link at the bottom of the window to apply your changes.

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Editing repeating tasks

To edit when the task repeats and ends, click the blue highlighted "Repeat" icon next to the due date at the top of the task pane. This will open a popover with sections for when the task is set to repeat and when it is set to end. To make changes, just click "Edit" beside each section and click "Save" when you're finished to apply your changes.

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If you want to edit the task details, like the task name, who's subscribed to it, or to add subtasks to the task, open the task and click "Edit". A banner asking "Apply these changes to future repeating copies of this task?" will appear above the task name. To change only this copy of the task, leave the checkbox in the banner unchecked. To edit all future copies, click the box to select and continue to edit as usual.

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Pausing/Resuming Tasks

Pausing repeating tasks is great for when you’re going on holidays or when you don’t need to complete your repeating tasks for a while. To pause a repeating task, open the task form and click the blue "Repeat" link next to the due date. At the bottom of the popover, click "Pause". The pause will be noted as an activity in the task.

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To resume a repeating task, click the Edit button in the task form, click the now-grey "Repeat" link in the due date field to open the  Repeat Task popover and click "Resume" at the bottom of the popover. Click in the box beside the "Apply these changes to future repeating copies of this task" message and click "Save."

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If you’ve completed the last copy of this task, you can either find it using the global search or by manually searching through your completed tasks. When you find it, re-open it to start making edits.

Viewing other copies of your repeating task

If unique information is stored in your repeating task, you may want to access copies of that task in the future. To do so, just open the task, click the "Repeat Task" icon and in the "Repeats" section, click "View all__copies" to access all task copies in a project.

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