Linking tasks

Use the URL link to quickly create a bridge between tasks.

Tasks are almost never standalone ventures; they're typically part of a larger project or related to a handful of other tasks. In these cases, it can be helpful to jump from one task to another without too much clicking. This is also useful if one task is dependant on another task's completion or if you need to quickly reference information or comments in another task. You can now quickly create a bridge between tasks by copying and pasting a task link.

Linking Tasks New 1

To start, first locate your task in a project and click to open. In the task pane, under the title you will see a link icon.

Click this icon and the task link will immediately be copied to your clipboard. If successful you'll see a popup in the lower left corner that says "Task link copied to clipboard." 

You can now paste the link into any task as a task comment, and your link will turn into the title of the task highlighted in blue.
Tip: You can use task links to create task dependencies. For example, you can add to the task notes, “once you’re finished with this task, you can start work on this one,” while inserting a hyperlink to the task you want completed next.
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