Task agenda

One of the most important aspects of managing your work is knowing when tasks are due and where in your schedule you have room for more. With the Tasks agenda, you get a personalized week-by-week look at what’s on your plate. 

To access the tasks agenda, click “Tasks” in the navigation bar and then click the “Agenda” link below the sub-navigation next to "List".

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Once here, you have the option to view your Agenda by Days and Weeks or the regular calendar view. The Days view will show a shorter span of time with larger date cells so you have a closer look at your scheduled tasks, while the Weeks view gives a slightly more zoomed out view. You can navigate forward and backward in time by scrolling left or right. Tasks with start dates will appear as a banner across the days they're scheduled to be worked on.

FYI: The Agenda Days and Weeks views are available as part of our Pro plan. To learn more about what each of our plans include, check out our help doc here

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As with the Timelines and Workload calendars, you can choose to view only those tasks from specific teams. To filter out certain teams, just click “All Teams” on the top right side of the agenda view and uncheck any teams that you don’t want to see here.

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You can also create quick tasks in the agenda view. Just click the top of the date cell (or below any existing tasks) and a quick task form will appear. To edit existing tasks, you can either drag and drop the task (to change the due date) or click the task to open the task pane.

Tip: You can quickly access the project view from the task pane by holding Option and clicking the project name.

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If at any point you want to return to the list view of your tasks, just click the “Lists” link at the top of the calendar.

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You can navigate forward to future dates and back to past dates in the Calendar view by simply scrolling down or up. If ever you want to return to today's date cell just click "Today" at the top of the calendar.

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