Private tasks

Private tasks - perfect for entering personal reminders, ad-hoc tasks that don't fit into a project, and private collaboration with other teammates.

Private Tasks is a place at the top of your My Tasks view where you can create tasks that no one else can access without your permission. It's a perfect place to enter reminders for yourself, create ad-hoc tasks that don't fit into a project, and to collaborate privately on tasks with other teammates.  Please note that you'll only see your private tasks appear at the top of the view when sorting by project.

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If a teammate assigns a private task to you it will appear in your private tasks, but if they subscribe you to one it will not. Private tasks that you're subscribed to can be viewed in the "Subscribed" view (click Subscribed" in the sub navigation while in the Tasks tab) or by clicking the "More Tasks" dropdown in the sub-navigation, then selecting the name of the user (available only to Pro users). If you sort by project, the private tasks that you're allowed to view will appear at the top of the page.

If you create a private task but leave it unassigned, it will be viewable by any user who is subscribed to the task under Tasks>Unassigned. 

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To create a Private Task, type "Private Tasks" in the project field in the task pane and hit Enter or Tab down to the next field. Other teammates can still be subscribed to Private Tasks, but they will not have access to any of your other unshared private tasks.

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Private tasks can also be created as quick tasks directly within the purple section of the My Tasks view. Just click into the New Task field at the bottom of this section and start creating your quick task as you usually would.

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The task will appear in Private tasks once you save. You can access these tasks by clicking Tasks>My Tasks in the main and sub navigation bars. Even if you belong to more than one team, all your private tasks will be accessible from this one view.

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