How does adding or removing users change my plan?

Adding and removing users is an essential part of running an organization, as most teams grow and shrink over time. It’s important to understand these actions, and how they’ll change your subscription.

Each Flow organization has a subscription. After the free trial period, an active subscription ensures that the organizations remains active and accessible. This subscription covers the users in your organization and the seat number is based on how many people you’ve invited. 
Currently in Flow plans are available on a per user basis. This means if you’re on a 5 user plan, you’re able to have exactly 5 users. If you add someone new, this will upgrade your plan immediately and you’ll be charged a prorated amount right away. If you remove users partway through a billing period, you won’t be credited; instead your account will simply renew at the lower seat count (and price) on your next renewal date.
When your team grows and you need to add more seats, an organization Admin can do this via Organization and Billing Settings. It’s only when you go over your seat limit, or you manually upgrade your plan, that Flow would charge you for a change. Like we said before, fluctuating within your current plan won’t charge you!
FYI: Guest users in Flow do take up a paid seat. While this is something we’re working on changing this year, until that feature is available you’ll have to consider a seat filled if you do need to bring on a guest or two.
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