Open Flow links in the desktop app

This feature allows Flow desktop users to open Flow task and project links, like those in email notifications, in the desktop app instead of the web app by default.

If you're using and prefer the desktop app to working in the browser, you'll likely want to be taken there by default when you click through a Flow link, like, for example, the ones that you see in email notifications or in a Slack channel that’s connected to Flow. When you click through one of these links you’ll be taken to a screen in the browser that will ask where you want to open the link. 

When you click through a Flow link, you’ll be presented with a“Where do you want to open this link?” page, where you can click through to your preferred app. If you want to view the link in the browser, click“Web App”. If you prefer to open the link in your desktop app, click“Mac App” or“Windows App”(which one you see will depend on the operating system you’re running). If you haven’t yet installed the desktop app and click through the desktop option, you’ll be taken to a page that prompts you to install it first. 
You also have the option to save this preference in perpetuity by checking“Remember my selection.” Your preference will be saved on that computer for one year, so you don’t have to worry about landing on this page each time you click through link. Iif you switch desktops, you will see the prompt again. 

Note: if you ever change your mind and want to alter this preference, you can go to This will automatically reset the preference and allow to you continue on to Flow.
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