Enabling blocked notifications

Desktop notifications are one of the best ways to stay on top of all your Flow activity. But in some cases, your browser may block Flow from sending them. To re-enable them, just follow the steps below for your preferred browser. 


To enable Flow notifications in Chrome, click the lock icon in the URL field and select "Notifications" from the dropdown. Change the setting from "Always block on this site" to "Use global default." This will require the browser to check with you before enabling or blocking notifications in the browser. 

Blocked Notifications 1 1

A banner will appear at the top of the page to let you know that the changes will go into effect when you refresh the page. Do so, and then reopen your Notification Preferences by clicking the organization icon in the top left. Now click "Request Permission" in the red banner and a small popover will appear in the top left of your page. Select "Allow" to enable notifications. 

Blocked Notifications 2 1

When notifications are enabled you'll see a success banner at the top of Notification Preferences. You can also choose to send a test notification so you know what to expect. 


To enable notifications in Firefox, simply click "Request Permission" at the top of the Notification Preferences popover. A small popover in the top left will prompt you to "Always Receive Notifications"; click this option to continue. 

Blocked Notifications 3 1

Once you do, you'll see a success popover in the browser and a success banner in your Notification Preferences. 

Blocked Notifications 4 1


To enable desktop notifications in Safari, click Safari > Preferences in the menubar and then select General>Notifications tab. You should see app.getflow.com listed as one of the sites requesting permission to show alerts in the Notification Centre. Select "Allow" and close the window. 

Blocked Notifications 5 1

When you reload the page, you should see a success banner at the top of your Notification Settings, as well as the option to send a test message. 

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