How to cancel your subscription

As long as your subscription is canceled, no other action is necessary to close your account. It is possible to manually delete your data, if desired.

If you feel that Flow is no longer a good fit, you can cancel your subscription at any time in the Billing and Organization settings, found in the dropdown menu in the top left of Flow.

In order for a cancellation to take place in time to stop a renewal, it must be submitted 3-5 days before your renewal date.
Cancelling Sub New 1 2

Click "Manage Subscription" to go to your subscription page. Once there, click "Cancel Subscription" at the bottom of the page.

Cancelling Sub New 2 2

You will be brought to a confirmation page to finalize the cancellation. Click “Cancel” to Confirm.

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You will now see a yellow alert next to your subscription “You have canceled your [ ] plan”. Your account will close when your subscription period runs out, as indicated.

Note: Once your account is closed, your data will not be fully deleted, but it will no longer be accessible when you log in.
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