Viewing or downloading invoices

As an Organization Owner, you can view, download, or print invoices at any time.

Past and present invoices can be downloaded by organization owners from Organization Settings. Click the logo in the top left of flow, then select “Billing and Organization Settings” from the dropdown.

Viewing Invoices 1 2

Once on the Billing and Organization Settings page, click "Manage Subscription".

Invoices New 2

From the Manage Subscriptions page click on "View Billing History" to see a list of your invoices.

Viewing Invoices 3 3

Your invoice history will be organized with the most recent at the top. Hit download to view your selected invoice.

Invoices New 4 1

Clicking download will open a separate page with a detailed, printable invoice. To do so, click the small printer icon in the top left corner.

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