Create an account with Google

Quickly set up your new Flow profile using your existing Google account credentials for easy sign-ins in the future. 

It's incredibly easy to create a Flow account, especially so if you have a Gmail account. Using Google sign-in, you can quickly set up your account and then access it in just one step going forward.
Google Signup 1

To get started, head to There, at the top of the page, you'll see a "Use your Google account" link below the "Create your account" button. 

Google Signup 2

Click this to launch the Google permissions window, where you'll choose the Google account/email address that you want to associate with then click "Allow" to move forward. 

Google Signup 3

Next, you’ll need to give Flow permission to access certain account information to complete the sign-up, for example, viewing your Google Drive so you can upload them using our Drive integration. If everything looks okay to you, click “Allow.”

Google Signup 4 1

You’ll now be redirected to Flow to set up your profile, add company details and invite your teammates to work with you. For a more in-depth walkthrough of these steps, read our “ Creating an account” article. 

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