Enabling Slack in Flow

This integration allows you to create and schedule Flow tasks and quickly loop in your teammates directly from Slack.

Integrating with Slack

If your organization uses Slack and wants an easy way to capture tasks within the Slack environment, you can link your Flow account using our simple integration. Organization owners can do this in Organization Settings at any time. To do so, click the organization icon in the top left corner and select "Organization Settings" from the dropdown.

Enabling Slack 1 2

In the  Organization Settings dialog, click the "Integrations" section, then the “click here to get started” link under Add Flow to Slack.

Enabling Slack New 2

This will take you to our Slack landing page; click the "Add to Slack" button to get started.

Enabling Slack New 3

Next, select which Slack team you’d like to link to your Flow account (or sign into another Slack team if you don’t see it listed).

Enabling Slack New 4

Flow will ask for authorized access to your Slack team so your identity can be confirmed and so commands can be added that will allow you to create tasks, receive updates, and turn on Focus mode from Slack.

Enabling Slack New 5

If you own more than one organization, you’ll be asked to choose which one you’d like to link to Slack (you can always unlink your account if you need to change this later). Once you’ve selected your organization, click Link Team and you’re done!

Enabling Slack New 6

If the set up worked, you'll see a success page that provides you with a helpful Flow command to get started.

Enabling Slack New 7

While an owner's account is linked during the setup process, other organization members will need to link their accounts separately. When the integration is successfully enabled Flow will email a link to the rest of your organization so they can link their accounts and take advantage of the integration too.

If you're wondering what to do next, head here to read about linking your projects and teams to receive live updates on tasks and public projects right from your Slack channels.

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