Using sections in iOS

You can now quickly file new and existing tasks under a project section right from your iOS device and create new ones to make organizing projects on the go even easier.

Within a project, you can quickly organize tasks into relevant categories or processes by using Sections. Sections can be used to create a timeline, set milestones, or indicate the progress of your projects.

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There are a couple of ways to create new sections in a project using the Flow iOS app. The first is to create a brand new project and select the "Create default sections" option. To go this route, tap the Projects button in the lower navigation, then tap the + button in the bottom centre of the screen and select "+Create Project" from the popover that appears.

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In the New Project pane fill in your project name and select a colour for your project, if desired. Then toggle on the button next to Create Default Sections if you want these to be added to your project automatically once the project is saved. As the app says, doing so will create To Do, In Progress, Needs Review and Done sections. Once the project is created you can start adding tasks in the default sections right away.

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The other option is to create a section manually in your project. With this option, first open the project you want to create the section in and then tap the '...' button in the top right corner of the app.

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In the menu that opens select "New Section."

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Then enter the name of the new section and click "Create."

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The new section will appear at the bottom of your project and can be reordered using drag and drop in the web or desktop apps. Once created, you can create tasks within those sections by tapping the "+New Task" link below the section.

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You can also add tasks to sections in the task pane. If you're creating a new task click the Project button next to the "Create" button. It will show the name of the project you're currently viewing but can be changed on the next page.

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If the project has sections, you'll see a > next to the project name. Tap the project name to view the sections on the next page.

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In the sections window, just tap the section that you want to add the task to and both the project and the section will be applied in the task pane.

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You can also move existing tasks into sections by following the same instructions above. Just tap the Edit link in the top right corner to bring up the task pane.

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