Editing projects on iOS

Make quick changes to any existing Flow project in just minutes right from your phone.

Projects are constantly changing. Tasks are being added and completed, new people are jumping in to help, new processes are being tested out and being able to keep up with those developments, even while away from your computer, is essential to delivering your projects on time.

Luckily, it’s super easy to make changes to your projects right from the Flow Tasks app. To start, tap Projects in the lower navigation bar. This will take you to the project dashboard where you can view all your projects by team. if you need to switch into another team, tap the team name at the top of the screen and select a new team from the team selector page.

Editing Projects Ios 1

Then tap the name of project to view it and tap the '...' button in the top right corner.

Editing Projects Ios 2

This will bring up a menu from which you can modify your project in different ways.

Editing Projects Ios 3

You can change the sort order of your project from the default "Manual" sorting option, which is what you'll want if you're using sections, to sort it by either due date or by task owner. Just tap the selection you want to make the change.

Editing Projects Ios 4

You can add additional sections by tapping "New Section" and entering the name of the new section in the popover that appears. The new section will be added to the bottom of your project and can be reordered in the web or desktop apps. You can learn more about using sections in iOS here.

Editing Projects Ios 5

You can also favourite projects by clicking "Favorite." This will add the project to the "Favorites" section of your project dashboard and will function as a shortcut for those projects that you spend a lot of time in but don't want to spend a lot of time searching for.

Editing Projects Ios 6

Or you can add or edit the colour of your project header by tapping "Change project colour." This will bring up a palette to select from—just tap the colour you want to apply.

Editing Projects Ios 7

Finally, if you have manual task clearing enabled in your team, you can clear any completed tasks from your project by tapping "Clear completed tasks." This will only appear when you have tasks to clear. You can also delete and archive the project from this menu. Archiving will remove the project from your project dashboard and into the Archived Projects view in the web/desktop app and deleting will remove the project and any associated tasks permanently.

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