Creating projects on iOS

If you’re on the go or just don’t have access to your computer, follow these instructions to create a project from Flow for iOS.

The Flow for iOS app makes it really easy to create projects in your teams even if you’re away from your desk or out of the office.

Ios Projects New 1

To start, make sure you’re in the team that you want to create the project in. You can check by tapping the team name at the top of the screen, and selecting the correct team.

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To create a Task or Project, tap the blue plus in the bottom middle of the screen. In this case, select Project to move forward.

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Now you can create your project just like you would on the desktop app. Name your project, select a project colour, and decide whether or not to add the Default Sections. When you’re done tap Next.

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On the next page you can choose to add the Project to a group. If you choose not to, it will appear in the “Ungrouped” section of the project dashboard. If you decide you want to add it to a group later you can either edit the project in the iOS app or simply drag and drop the project into the right group in the Flow web app.

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Next choose who to share the project with: the whole team, only you, or specific people. If you choose specific people there’s one more step before creation is complete, if not then hit create in the bottom right hand corner.

Ios Projects New 6

For the final step, add the names or email addresses of the people you’d like to invite to your project, then tap Create.

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Already created a project on iOS and want to learn how to edit it? Check out our help doc on editing projects on iOS here.

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