Creating and editing tasks on iOS

To create a task in Flow for iOS, tap the green + button to get started.

You’re not always at your computer when an idea or a task comes to mind, so it’s great to be able to create tasks with Flow’s iOS tasks app.

Creating Tasks Ios 1

To start creating a task, just tap the green + button that appears at the bottom of the Tasks view or at the bottom of any project to open the task form.

Creating Tasks Ios 2

Once here, you can add a task name and a note. Below the note field, you'll see a menu where you can add task details like a due date, assignee, subscribers, and add tags or subtasks. Leaving the assignee field blank will assign the task to no one. Unassigned tasks display a “Claim or Assign this task” link below the task name.

Creating Tasks Ios 3

Below that menu you'll see the project/section name of the project (if you're creating it in a project) or Private Tasks if creating in the Tasks view. If you want to change the project, just tap the project button and select a new one from the page that opens. If the project has sections, tapping the project name will also show you the available sections to file the task in. 

If you realize that you're in the wrong team, you can click "Switch teams" on the project selector page to move into the right one.

Creating Tasks Ios 4

Once your task is ready to go, tap "Create".

You can also create quick tasks by tapping the + New Task line in any project or in the tasks view and entering a task name. Hit Done when you're finished. To add more details to the task just tap the task name and follow the steps below to edit it.

Creating Tasks Ios 8

Editing Tasks

To edit existing tasks, tap the task name and then tap any field in the task to make changes, including the name, date, subtasks, subscribers, task note, etc. You can also change the assignee by tapping the avatar next to the task name and change the section that the task is in by tapping the section name above the task name and selecting a new section on the page that opens.

Creating Tasks Ios 5

To bring up the full task form, tap Edit in the top right and make changes in the forms that appear.

Creating Tasks Ios 6

You can also tap the '...' when viewing any task to Flag the task, to subscribe to or unsubscribe from it, to grab the task link, to expand or collapse the activity feed in a task and to permanently delete the task. 

Creating Tasks Ios 7

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