Installing Flow for Mac

You can download Flow for Mac right from the web app's help menu. You can also download it directly here.

Flow for Mac is a great companion to the web version of Flow. It allows you to work in Flow directly from your desktop without ever needing to open a browser.

Installing Flow For Mac New 1

You can easily download it from the web app by clicking your company logo in the top left, and selecting 'Support', then 'Apps for Flow.' You can also access the apps page by clicking here. Alternately, you can download it directly from

Installing Flow For Mac New 2

Once you’ve downloaded Flow for Mac and moved it to your Applications folder, you can log in with your Flow account details, and start working on your tasks again.

Web links embedded in tasks will open in your default browser when clicked. You can download the Flow desktop launcher here to have Flow links open in the desktop app instead.
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